Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turtle Beach X-11 Gaming headset

I've had these for a while now and I really can't imagine playing with out them anymore. I use with all games now, but for FPS titles, you really wouldn't believe the differnce. 1st, you always know where the enemy is because you can hear without a doubt where all the action is taking place. That combined with the ability to communicate with your team, all in the same system makes these a great idea. I know a a lot of gamers that use them and they will tell you the same thing. They are worth the $60, so just go get a pair!

1 comment:

  1. These look real comfy, I never play with a mic as my decent headphones are studio monitors & the ones with the mic are really shit. Feels bad not being able to communicate with team mates when playing a game. Might invest in a pair of these.