Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Game Ideas!

Today I was reading http://leveling-up.blogspot.com and he described a very interesting take on Inception game idea, and it got me thinking about new game ideas and what the next level is going to be.  I've been playing a lot of Black Ops so my mind went right into that military style game. I starting think about a CoD style RPG that involves you planing some on the field type officer and you are granted choices about how to deal with certain situations. For instance, the Japanese have taken control of a nuclear sub that holds a fusion system that could solve the worlds energy crisis. You obvoiusly can't destroy the sub so how do you get this equipment back to US soil before the Japs seize world power? You would have to develop an infiltration plan gather your team and then take your team on to the battle field and get to the end of the mission. The goal of course being getting that or peace of valuable information back from the enemy safely. Now of course you would have to survive the mission, if you don't you then are transfered in your replacement have have to try to get it back another way or suffer with the consequences of mission failure whatever that might be. The difficulty would be insane and the production value would have to be astronomical to make something like this work, but in the end I can just see the hell I would go through in a game like this and would welcome such a challenge. Please share your ideas with me, I want to see what everyone else has in mind!


  1. not a bad idea, it'll probably only be a hit for the military though.

  2. I think it all depends on how its marketed. CoD is supposed to be a military simulator, and thats become a gaming icon. The developers tell us what to buy, whether we choose to see that or not.